Madrid’s blue courts

The Mutua Madrid Open, one of the biggest tournaments on the tennis circuit, gets underway from May 4th-13th.

Illustrious names have lifted the title in the past including Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal while 2012 promises to attract the same calibre of high-profile players from both sexes. However, different this year is the new blue clay courts they’ll be playing on.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, tournament consultant Ion Tiriac has been sitting on the idea for some time. Not only do the courts look unique and quirky but, the theory is, fans attending the event at Caja Magica, and those watching around the world, will benefit from the change.

The bright yellow colour of the ball contrasts well against the blue surface and provides better accuracy where a shot has impacted. Tiriac says: “The Mutua Madrid Open is a tournament that despite having ten past editions under its belt has just been born.” Others aren’t so keen. Nadal still believes in the tradition of red clay but with it being a unique concept on the tour, surely it’s worth a chance?

Other news coming from the tournament is its official clothing partner ellesse will be working with French fashion house Surface to Air to style the ball boys and girls throughout the week. Ellesse has previously dressed players such as Chris Evert, Boris Becker and Guillermo Vilas and has a rich history with the Mutua Madrid Open. They’ve also began a model competition to coincide with the event, details of which can be found here.

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Special thanks to ellesse for the photos of the blue courts. For more information on the brand visit

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